Connection Type aliases


InteractionType: "LongRunning" | "OneTime"

Describe how the interaction context behaves. A LongRunning context does not close the underlying connection after a request, it has to be done manually. A OneTime context however will close the connection afterwards.


WebSocketCloseHandler: function

Type declaration

    • (code: CloseEvent["code"], reason: CloseEvent["reason"]): void
    • Parameters

      • code: CloseEvent["code"]
      • reason: CloseEvent["reason"]

      Returns void


WebSocketErrorHandler: function

Type declaration

    • (error: Error): void
    • Parameters

      • error: Error

      Returns void

Other Type aliases


EraWithGenesis: "Byron" | "Shelley" | "Alonzo"


Constructor Functions

Const createChainSyncClient

Const createConnectionObject

Const createInteractionContext

Const createStateQueryClient

Const createTxMonitorClient

Const createTxSubmissionClient

Connection Functions

Const getServerHealth

Helper Functions

Const isAllegraBlock

  • isAllegraBlock(block: Block): block

Const isAlonzoBlock

  • isAlonzoBlock(block: Block): block

Const isAlonzoProtocolParameters

Const isBabbageBlock

  • isBabbageBlock(block: Block): block

Const isBabbageProtocolParameters

Const isByronBlock

  • isByronBlock(block: Block): block

Const isByronEpochBoundaryBlock

  • isByronEpochBoundaryBlock(block: Block): block

Const isByronStandardBlock

  • isByronStandardBlock(block: Block): block

Const isMaryBlock

  • isMaryBlock(block: Block): block

Const isShelleyBlock

  • isShelleyBlock(block: Block): block

Const isShelleyProtocolParameters