Connection Type aliases


InteractionType: "LongRunning" | "OneTime"

Describe how the interaction context behaves. A LongRunning context does not close the underlying connection after a request, it has to be done manually. A OneTime context however will close the connection afterwards.


WebSocketCloseHandler: function

Type declaration

    • (code: CloseEvent["code"], reason: CloseEvent["reason"]): void
    • Parameters

      • code: CloseEvent["code"]
      • reason: CloseEvent["reason"]

      Returns void


WebSocketErrorHandler: function

Type declaration

    • (error: Error): void
    • Parameters

      • error: Error

      Returns void

Other Type aliases


EraWithGenesis: "Byron" | "Shelley" | "Alonzo"


Constructor Functions

Const createChainSyncClient

Const createConnectionObject

Const createInteractionContext

Const createStateQueryClient

Const createTxMonitorClient

Const createTxSubmissionClient

Connection Functions

Const getServerHealth

Helper Functions

Const isAllegraBlock

  • isAllegraBlock(block: Block): block

Const isAlonzoBlock

  • isAlonzoBlock(block: Block): block

Const isAlonzoProtocolParameters

Const isBabbageBlock

  • isBabbageBlock(block: Block): block

Const isBabbageProtocolParameters

Const isByronBlock

  • isByronBlock(block: Block): block

Const isByronEpochBoundaryBlock

  • isByronEpochBoundaryBlock(block: Block): block

Const isByronStandardBlock

  • isByronStandardBlock(block: Block): block

Const isMaryBlock

  • isMaryBlock(block: Block): block

Const isShelleyBlock

  • isShelleyBlock(block: Block): block

Const isShelleyProtocolParameters


  • unsafeMetadatumAsJSON(metadatum: Metadatum): any
  • Convert a CBOR-description as raw JSON object, or throw if given an invalid representation. This function is meant to use for converting transaction's metadata into plain JSON in context where that conversion is expected to work.

    It isn't generally possible to do so because not every CBOR object have a 1:1 mapping to a JSON object. This function should therefore work for metadata coming from CIP-0025, and likely a few other standards but is unsound in the general case and isn't expected to work on any metadata that can be found on chain.


    Returns any